Journey through Life, PLLC can help you fulfill your life’s journey by providing a healthy, new outlook, as well as an opportunity for growth and restoration. We all approach life with incredible dreams, seeking to satisfy a purpose found deep within. At times, even our best attempts cannot prevail over the challenges life presents and we need a caring, professional therapist to assist us.

Our Mission

Journey through Life’s Mission is to help people to live the life they desire. We believe that no matter what you are struggling with, it is never too late to achieve the journey that provides so many possibilities. Take a few minutes to ponder these three questions:

  • Have you been trying to change or heal by yourself, but without success?
  • Would the most important people in your life benefit from you getting help or support?
  • Do you feel that if you sought help you could begin to live a more fulfilling life?

If you answered Yes to any of these questions, it may be time to consider getting help. We will develop a plan of action with you and determine how we can support your journey towards growth and healing. We are here to encourage and help you understand the deepest issues that hold you back from truly living life. Is it time for a new Journey Through Life. “One Journey, Infinite Possibilities”

JTL, PLLC is passionate and committed to help you enrich your life, your family, your workplace, and your community.

Have you lost the joy of life? Has your journey toward happiness been disrupted?

We will help you through these issues so that you gain the life you truly desire.

Journey through Life was founded on the commitment to assist  children, families, groups, and couples with difficulties and help them get a handle on those speed bumps along life’s road.

We have had the privilege of seeing our clients triumph over challenges and test their true strength. Clients have taken the time to address the root of their hurt and struggles that were holding them back from feeling joy in life. This approach allowed them to reflect on the life that they want and to investigate possibilities through reality and positive thinking.

Whether you are dealing with a troubled marriage, depression, anxiety, fear, anger, life altering behaviors, or any other issue that is robbing you from living your life, we can help you.

We can begin helping you immediately by offering a FREE confidential telephone consultation.

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