Couples Coaching Services

Our team of professionals offers a combined 50+ years of experience in corporate, business, non-profit, individual coaching, and Marriage/Couples Coaching as well as leadership mentoring and training services.

  • Balancing Work, Home and Self
  • Leadership Development
  • Organization at Home and Work
  • Creativity and Innovation
  • Building Family Communication Skills
  • Parenting with Love and Discipline
  • Building Healthy Boundaries in Private or Corporate Relationships
  • Life Enrichment Through Building Self-Identity/Self-Esteem


Couples Coaching

 Our goal is to help couples enrich their relationship and foster healthy family environments. These are private sessions with experienced coaches who have been married for 50+ years. The same confidentiality applies to all sessions provided by Journey Through Life, PLLC, whether it is with therapists or couples coaches.  

Because your sessions are private, all discussions and activities are specific to your needs.  These sessions are designed to provide skills for couples to manage their differences, such as clarifying values, creating clearer communication, handling conflict, and developing a plan for the type of marriage that the couple wants. Materials are provided; all you need to bring is a willingness to engage and give these sessions a chance to work for you.  


Life & Executive Coaching Contracts

  • Coaching session time will be based on your needs and preference, which will be scheduled ahead of time.
  • During our first meeting, the fee structure, payment arrangements, and consulting expectations will be discussed as well as providing us with an opportunity to discuss any questions or concerns you may have.