Frequently Asked Questions

Will you benefit from counseling?

Most people find counseling to be helpful. Having an objective third party can provide considerable benefit. Therapy offers an opportunity for a new perspective that can help you move forward in growth and healing.

It is our goal to ensure that you are provided a safe place to discuss issues with someone that has the experience to help you address the challenges you face. Also, counseling can add clarity for decision-making and provides a beneficial environment to determine the best course of action for issues you are addressing.

In addition, you will have the opportunity to analyze why you are reacting to certain situations the way you are. If you are dealing with more serious issues that require medication, a psychiatrist will be able to also work with you. Whatever the issues are that you are struggling with, counseling can be focused to address your needs and together we can determine the key counseling goals to ensure you get the best help possible.

How long does counseling take?

It is difficult to say specifically how long counseling will take since each individual situation is unique. However, we can determine some time frames based on the initial assessment that we will conduct at our first meeting. Once that assessment is complete, we should be able to give you an estimate about time frames and frequency of meetings. Keep in mind however, as problems develop those estimates may need to be modified and we will freely discuss this.

Typically, the average course of therapy lasts 6 to 12 sessions, though therapy may be shorter or longer in duration. The length of treatment depends on the complexity of the issues being addressed, your level of personal motivation, and the frequency of meetings. All of these factors can affect the rate at which we can deal with the problems. We of course will discuss any questions about the length of treatment as they may arise.

What is your privacy and confidentiality policy?

The utmost care in privacy and confidentiality is assured to you and your family members during and after services are rendered. Since Journey through Life, PLLC remains a private practice, your personal information regarding your care is not released to insurance companies. Absolutely no acknowledgements of a relationship between you and a counselor can be made unless you specifically sign a release of information form.